Thursday, August 5, 2010

Fun with Groups

I've mentioned this before but, as we have a lot of new members, I will repeat.  I belong to a number of on-line Yahoo groups-nearly all quilting related, of course.  One was started by my quilting friends in Edmonton as a means of keeping in touch, another is quilter's who are also cat lovers.  All the other groups focus on various aspects of quilting-long arm, EQ.  One is regional;  just for Canadians. 
Each group, no matter their reason for being, consists of caring women who are generous with their time and experience.  If anyone has a problem or a question, they will receive a myriad of replies.  As the members live all over the world, I also learn bits about other countries and cultures.  I am constantly amazed at how  people from far and wide are so fluent in the English language.
Many of the members of this blog are from the on line groups.  Some have even become good friends.
Computers can certainly be the source of a lot of good.
This morning we are waiting for friends to arrive.  The husband who is a mechanical genius is going to take a look at my husband's tractor.  It quit working shortly after he bought it which put a crimp in some of the work he needs to do.
I have been friends with this couple for many years and, as Carol is also a quilter, I am looking forward to a nice visit.

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