Tuesday, August 24, 2010


We took my sister and her friend to the airport yesterday.  It is a long, exhausting three hour drive around Toronto's west side.  We caught the beginning of rush hour and crept along in spots but, generally, it wasn't to bad.  Since living in the country for over two years, it takes me a few moments to adjust to city traffic.  I have always found that Toronto is an easy place to drive.  Yes, it is faster and a lot more vehicles but if you want to lane change you just do it.  The key is confidence or just not hesitating.  Driver's there are used to people zipping in and out.  If you are hesitant, it throws off the rythm of everyone else.  Of course, you can tell I am from out of town-I always wave thank you when someone allows me to cut in!
On the way to the airport we stopped at a wildlife sanctuary which is in the Muskoka's.  It is very well done with spacious componds and info on the animals.
One of the animals there was a moose; two of them actually.  Laura and Greg had been hoping to see one in the wild before they left but it didn't happen.  Last night, after we got home, my husband went to the back of our property to do something and heard a tremendous splashing in the pond.  He went to check and saw moose tracks.  Isn't that always the way; you travel miles to see something only to find it in your backyard!
It was wonderful having my sister here and it will take me a while to adjust to her absence but it will soon be time for our trip to Edmonton and then my other sister is coming for a visit.

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