Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Our Little Dog and Approaching Fall

Much of today is focused on our Heidi.  I have an appointment with vet later on as I noticed a black mark on her chest yesterday when brushing her.  It looks as though it might be a thorn but I also want to make sure it isn't a tick.  She hasn't been eating as much as before and with Heidi that is always a sign that she isn't herself.
After that, we are going to see a wonderful lady who is going to look after Heidi when we go to Edmonton in Sept.  Irene wants to have Heidi for an hour or so today so they can get to know each other and then overnight before we leave.  She says she likes a pet to know the owner is going to come back so she likes to have a couple of preliminary visits.  She only takes one dog at a time and it stays right in her home.  She sounds like a jewel and is much in demand so we are fortunate to be able to get an appointment.
One more Heidi item.  A dog treat commercial came on television and I guess Heidi must have heard the magic word because she ran over to the set and tipped herself up into her 'beg' pose.  One of those times when you wish you had had a camera handy.  A friend says her two little pugs run into the next room when they hear a dog bark on the tv.  They seem to think the animal is somewhere in the house.
I am progressing on my log cabin quilt.  I should have the top done today and then will start taking out the rows that need redoing.  I am doing my 'learning' process on someone's quilt which isn't the best idea but, given time restraints, is all I can do.
Some of our leaves have started changing colour.  The soft maples are the first the announce autumn..  Apparently the black bears start preparing for winter tomorrow.  Do they have calendars?  Do they all start on the same day?  In any case, despite the warm weather, I guess change is happening.

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