Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday and a Long Weekend

Are you doing anything special this weekend?  When you no longer work outside the home i.e. employed by others, weekends are not very important.  We only take note of them because of other people's schedules and to remember not to go to town on Saturday.  When you live in a tourism area, weekend's can be brutal for traffic both vehicular and human.  Finding a place to park, negotiating narrow streets built for quieter times can all be challenging.  Weekdays are only marginally better but better is better.
Tomorrow evening a nearby community is having an Elvis tribute artist as part of their Civic Holiday celebration.  We are planning to attend.
If I lived closer and didn't mind crowds, I would go to the Caribana parade in Toronto tomorrow.  We used to watch it in Edmonton and I enjoyed the music, colour and costumes.
I just noticed that my calendar notes that the black bears begin preparing for winter on the 11th.  I suppose they have to start early to pack on all those extra pounds (although I don't seem to need much time) but it sure makes it feel that summer is drawing to a close.
It is cooler today and my husband is out cutting wood.  Yesterday, he was marking the boundary of our newly acquired property and noting which trees need to be taken down.  We are quite pleased about having these additional five acres as it not only give us a more reasonable width to our property (the lots are all long and narrow) but adds more of the pond.

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