Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Plugging Away

I have about half the top quilted.  It is pretty much a stop and go process as I learn all the tricks.  I am either rethreading, changing needles or running out of bobbin thread.  Once I had to unpick most of a row as the backing got puckered.  Still, despite what seems to be a slow process, I doubt if I would have this much done had I been quilting on a regular machine.
Considering that I am doing this without benefit of a speed control attachment or any other of those lovely extras, the quilt looks alright.  It is probably better that I learn with the basics and then add the other stuff.  Don't have a lot of choice at the moment as the speed control is ordered but is on back order.
We took the car in this morning for a break job and to get the gear shifter looked at.  After we dropped off the car (my husband picked me up in the truck) we went for a drive and checked out a dog kennel we were thinking of using for Heidi.
I have to pick the car up again after lunch and then will be able to get back at the quilt.
I have chosen a block for the BOM and will post tomorrow.  Hope you like it.
Has anyone made the wall hanging/table runner that I posted a week or so ago?  I am looking forward to your interpetation.


  1. Hi Anna - I have all the pieces cut to do the PP table runner - I did a colour redesign in EQ - but that is as far as I have gotten. My get up and go seems to have gone on an extended vacation!!

    Lori S.

  2. Hi Anna -- I hopped over here from the Home Quilting Systems yahoo group ... I had to laugh when I read this as that's what I felt like when I got my Juki and Grace frame in Feb. I kept plugging along and started using Bottom Line in my bobbin .. it's thinner poly/cotton and so doesn't take up so much room. Keep up the great work!
    Colleen in San Diego