Friday, July 2, 2010

Beavers and Birds

We had an exciting an eventfilled Canada day.  After getting some housework done, Roger, the dog and I went down to the pond to watch birds.  He had been sure he had seen a scarlet tanager earlier in the week and we were both interested in seeing if he was correct.  A neighbour had seen one earlier which led us to hope they were in the area.
I haven't seen tanager nor most of the more colourful birds in years.  We have left our property so it is bird friendly-lots of native trees, shrubs, some tall dead trunks and a couple of brush piles.  We can hear the song of birds that we don't recognize and it is lovely.  It would be nicer, however, if we knew who was doing the seranading. We have books but they only help if you can see the bird.  Must find out if there is a recording of bird songs.  It we can't see the tanager, it would still be nice to know it is there.
Our small ponds is in better shape now that we have a resident beaver.  We saw lily pads for the first time on both ponds. 
When we are in that area, it is hard to believe that there is any  habitation for miles around.  The trees deaden all sound even that made by our neighbour who is adding on to his house.  This photo was taken from the bridge looking back to where the house sits.

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