Friday, July 16, 2010

A Voice from the Past

Hope you liked yesterday's BOM and sorry about all the typo's.  I usually read the blog through carefully before posting but, obviously, my mind was somewhere else.
I was probably thinking about the quilt I had on the machine frame.  I finished quilting the top yesterday and today I spread it out on a bed to see how it looked.  I am pleased with the appearance especially as this is my first effort with the frame.
Yesterday afternoon, we had a phone call from an old friend.  Brian is in the Christian Motorcyclists Assoc., which is the same group we belonged to.  When the phone rang, I thought he was calling from Edmonton but he was in Burk's Falls.  He was on his way to the Maritimes and then to Sturgis (where a huge bike gathering takes place every year) and decided to take a small detour to see us.  We had a wonderful catch up chat over a cup of tea and then he was back on the road.
Talking to him brought back a lot of memories.  We belonged to CMA for quite a while and met a lot of great bikers and had some equally great times.
Tomorrow we are going to Orillia for the Scottish Festival.  The bagpipes are in the top five of my non-liivng great loves and I plan to soak in every note.

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