Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Quilt Frame

It is marginally cooler today by about 3 degrees.  There is also a bit of a breeze and that helps.  I have been trying to look on the positive side.  I figure with all the perspiring and less food intake I should be losing weight.  Yesterday, it felt like an all day sauna so that has to be some benefits of that!
I have been working on putting my quilt frame together.  Not an easy job when it is so hot that it is hard to think much less follow instructions that involved dozens of different sizes screws.  Actually, the instructions are easy to follow.  Very detailed.  The problem is that I prefer to look at a picture and figure it out myself.  I am at the point where I can put the sewing machine on and once I get the final bits done, I will do my sample piece.  After I am sure I know what I am doing I will set up the Queen sized quilt.
But, before I do that quilt,  I will take the table apart and put the extension piece at the correct end.  I kept thinking that there didn't seem to be enough support and now I see why!

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