Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Few Sprinkles

We got a few sprinkles of rain this afternoon.  Not enought to wet the ground but still suffiecient to give us hope that cooler weather might be arriving.  I'm not sure just what the temperature is at the moment as my computer weather page isn't working.  Perhaps it is better not knowing.
I got a bit of work done on the quilt that is on the machine frame.  I broke one needle so I replaced it with a stronger one.  Thread broke so the cone was exchanged for spool.  I know from previous experience that all this is normal.  The stitch regulator isn't working either and I will have to call the company about that.  All in all, despite the little hitches, I am pleased with what I have got done so far. 
Tomorrow it is supposed to be cooler so I am hoping to finish this quilt and get set up for the real one.
My dear and very wonderful husband has been making most of our meals lately but tonight, I will take over.
The quilt room is too hot to do much more than just perspire anyway.

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