Thursday, July 22, 2010


Yesterday, I was given a box of vintage fabrics and old patterns.  My husband's ex-mother-in-law died recently and his sister was helping his ex-wife (confused yet) go through the stuff. They found boxes of pieced tops, blocks both pieced and appliqued as well as fabric and patterns.  Shelia didn't even know her mother quilted so, I assume, they were done before the children were born. Brenda, my SIL, is going to quilt the tops and give them to my husband's two boys as a remembrance of their maternal grandmother.  I haven't seen them (the tops) yet and am dying to have a look at them. She says they are beautifully done.

A rough guesstimate is that everything is about 50 years old.  The quilt pattern books don't have a date but they were 35 cents.  The designs are Aunt Martha creations.  For those of you who are too young to remember those, they were patterns that were either printed in entirty or offered for sale in newspapers and magazines.

The fabric smells quite badly of mothballs so am washing (and rewashing) to get rid of it.  I am going to reproduce the patterns in EQ and use the fabric to make them.
I will post a photo when I get one done.

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