Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Quiet Weekend

Before I share my latest adventures, I would like to welcome the new members.  When you have time, scan the previous posts as they include free patterns.  One day, I will have to put them all in one spot so you just have to click on it.  Always more things to learn isn't there.
On Saturday, I got my yearly boost of bagpipes.  (This group was competing for one of the prizes)The Scottish festival and parade in Orillia was well attended, lots of vendors and fantastic music.  I love the pipes.  The only downside was the heat but, with liberal applications of sunscreen, I managed to not get a burn.
We left our little westie, Heidi in a different kennel this time and scooted as the owner was taking her for a walk. Our wee dog loves her walks and went quite happily. It was the first time I left her that I didn't cry.  (I know, I am a wuss).
We picked her up the next day and was told she had lost her voice.  She had barked all night long.  I am not sure why she lost her voice this time as she always barks continuously at a kennel. I felt so bad for her.  She could barely squeek. Of course, she got lots of extra attention while she healed. Her voice was almost back to normal by Monday evening.  I must admit it was nice to not hear her bark at every sound but it was still worrisome.
It is a little bit cooler today so I am making bread and then back to the quilt room.  I have a new quilt pattern that I am iching to do but I must stay disciplined (don't you hate that word) and get the queen quilt done.

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