Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Mini Retreat

My husband has gone to Orillia to spend some time with his parents so I have the day to myself.  I am going to spend it getting the queen sized quilt ready for the binding.  I thought I would have it done yesterday but it was one of those days of mini frustrations.  Thread kept breaking so I changed the needle and then the bobbin ran out.  Finally, I started making progress and the bobbin ran out again.  Why, oh why, can't they be made so they hold more thread.  When you are stippling or anything else that is closely stitched, it seems your bobbin only lasts for a few inches.
I am going to try bottom weight thread to see if that will help.  It is thinner so, theoretically, more thread should be on the bobbin.
After I replaced the bobbin, my machine started acting funny and after trying to make it keep going, I decided to check a couple things and, you guessed it, I forgot to put the presser foot down.  That was enough of that.  I took the dog for a walk and sat outside with my husband until it was time for bed.
Today, hopefully, will be better.  I only have a side and a half of the border left to do.
Our Heidi almost has her voice completely back. She demonstrated that a few times last night when something was wandering around the garden.  Thanks to her vigilance we haven't had any deer in the garden (or an uninterrupted nights sleep.  Blessings are often mixed, aren't they?)

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