Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Where Did the Day Go

Well, this day really got away on me.  I had planned on spending it catching up on housework including tidying my studio.  However, my husband decided the move the television-my idea-and this, of course, meant readjusting nearly all the living room furniture.  It also means everything is in confusion for a while and, as I HATE having my furniture moved, it was not quite the peaceful day I had planned.  To top it off, the washing machine decided to act up.
So, here it is almost three o clock and I am just getting to the quilt room.  I did get the rest of the house finished and my husband is happy with the living room so all isn't lost.  Wonderful wife that I am, I suggested the move because the chair that Roger sits in was too close to the wood stove and he found it uncomfortable.  He is now much further away so, when it is time to start using the stove again, he should be cooler.
I still haven't received the e mail addresses of those who signed up for the free pattern.  I would like to get them sent off by the weeks end if possible.

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