Monday, April 19, 2010

Gnomes and Stars

Last night during one of those frequent trips you have to make as you get older, I looked out at the sky.  The stars were enormous.  In Edmonton, despite the city lights, we were still able to see the stars but they were just pinpricks of light.  Still beautiful but small.
Here in the backwoods, it seems as though someone poked holes in the night sky with their finger to let the glory shine through.  You would think that the size of the stars would be about the same no matter where you were but, obviously, this is not the case.  It was an amazing sight although, as I said to my husband, I probably would have appreciated it more at two in the afternoon rather than two in the morning!
We have had more gnomes join our family.  A worker gnome moved in and he and his axe have taken up residence near the wood pile.  We are hoping that he may leave us a tidy pile of kindling each day.  We also have a senior couple who thoughtfully brought along a porch swing in which to enjoy the sun.  I have hung it from the cedar rail fence.  They don't have much of a view there, however, so as soon as I am able, I will move them to the hill were we often sit.  They will be able to watch the birds and other creatures in the lower part of our property.  They won't be too far from the main gnome colony so the children will be able to visit when they have finished their chores.  I am sure the gnome babies will love to sit on their laps and be swung to sleep.
Welcome to new member Charlene.  She, her mother Carol and I were at a quilt show Saturday.  I will tell you about it tomorrow and post some photos.

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