Tuesday, April 27, 2010


This is a photo of the quilt that was given to our pastor and his wife as they left for their move back to Nova Scotia.  The flowers are embroidered, the basket and squares hand pieced.  I machine quilted the top.
I am really sorry to see them go as I  got to be good friends with Glenda.  Life brings so many changes and accepting them isn't always easy.
We are starting to see a few blackflies now although, thankfully, they aren't biting.  The daffodils are still nodding their bright yellow heads and have now been joined by the tulips.  The sweet williams are adding their delicate colour.
The trilliums and other wildflowers are contributing their beauty to the woods.  We transplanted a few to see if they would take.  They were just moved closer to the house but still in a wooded area and, so far, they don't seem to have rejected their new location.
Roger has completed his work on the mud room and it just has to be painted.  We need to wait for the weather to warm up again before we can do that.  Also want to get our veggies planted so the next week should consist of a lot our outdoor stuff.
Today, we are doing one of our regular trips to Huntsville to get supplies.  I need a bit more lemon yellow for one of the wedding quilts.  I am making good progress on them now that I am not watching television in the evening.

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  1. I live in N. Georgia, USA. I also transplanted a trillium plant to a spot in my yard from the woods. The dirt was exactly the same as where I took it from so it is doing beautifully. I know that there was another plant I left so now I want to find it and transplant it also.