Monday, April 5, 2010

Gnome Down

I don't usually post on Monday but, as Friday was a holiday, I didn't want to have another day without something for you.  Also, our quilt group starts a little later this morning so I have a bit more time.  However, just to balance that off, we slept in.  Oh, well.  Life of the retiree
Anyone taking advantage of the higher Canadian dollar to do some extra shopping.  I am trying to think of there is anything I need/want, which shouldn't be a problem but shipping costs also have to be considered.  Sounds as though the dollar is going to stay high for a while so I have time.
Saturday, we took advantage of the beautiful weather to get some of the yard work done. I raked the leaves from the perennial garden, brought the gnomes out of hibernation and charged up the solar lights. Everything was set in place and we sat on our lawn chairs for a while admiring the garden and thinking how fortunate we were.

Neither of us felt like cooking so we took a drive into the village, bought some fish and chips and sat in the park and ate them. Once again, we thought of how fortunate we were.

The temperature had almost reached thirty so we left our windows open as the day ended. It wasn’t long, however, before we were scurrying around closing them, and moving the car closer to the house away from swaying trees. Yard furniture, hoes etc was stowed away as the wind picked up speed. For the next two hours, it sounded as though a train was circling the house. Then, as quickly as it began, the wind and the rain stopped and all was quiet as we went to bed. Next morning, a quick survey revealed a couple of leaning trees, and the gnomes, obviously terrified at all the turmoil on their first day out, lying huddled on the ground.

We were glad of the rain as it is so dry and we have already had a number of fires in the area as well as across the country. Most of them have been started by people ignoring fire bans. I don’t understand those who think laws either don’t apply to them or are enacted for no real reason. I believe that, if their actions result in fire, they should be made to pay the costs for it to be put out. I have the same belief about those who ignore any warning/ban-avalanche, thin ice, approaching floods, volcano eruption etc. Not only do taxpayers have the cover the costs for people to be rescued but the emergency personnel have to put their lives at risk.


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