Friday, April 23, 2010

Busy Day

Yesterday was a busy one.  When my husband is working on a ladder, he likes to have me nearby to hand him things so he doesn't have to keep climbing up and down.  I decided to put shelves in a small desk-bedside table really,  that I have beside my computer.  I like working with wood and as I recently became the owner of a recipricating saw, I thought I should start using it.  It took a bit of working getting the shelves even but I got it done.  Now I can keep my machine manuals, and various printer papers seperate.  Bird houses are next on my wood making list as well as a drawer to go under my sewing table.  I need somewhere to put bobbins etc for my long arm.  I will put the drawer on sliders so it can be pushed out of the way.
Today, I am finishing up the embroidered quilt.  I decided to do a bit more top stitching on it as it was bare in some places.  Then I can wash it and give it to the person who ordered it.  This one has been going on for a while so am glad to get it done.
We are still waiting for rain.  The long range forecasts keep calling for it but, as the day gets closer, it changes to sunshine.  It will be nice for tourists and those who work if we have drier weekends this summer but we do need the rain for the plant life.  I like the pre-Noah days when everything was watered by the dew.

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