Friday, April 9, 2010

Snow Gnomes

I thought I might have to start knitting little sweaters for our gnome family today.  We woke up to a snow covered ground.  There was less than an inch but snow, nevertheless.  I knew that the gnome women would not have been able to gather milkweed down for extra blankets so I thought they would be having a hard time.  However, the sun soon came out and I noticed the workers are in the garden so I am assuming all is well.
I got some fabric for my birthday-surprise-so I am washing it this morning as well as performing my weekly bread making chore.  My husband was still moving furniture in the living room  but, I think he is finished now.
I have been working on a double bed sized quilt with pieced and embroidered squares for a while and I expect to have it finished this weekend.  I will post a photo so you can see some of the top stitching.  I am just getting used to doing something other than stippling and I believe this looks alright.  I should have done a bit more on the plain block but I don't have time now.
I have found a way to keep the layers together for pinning.  I had a lot of iron-on seam tape given to me  and have found that if I put strips here and there between batting and backing that everything stays in place quite well.  I then just have to smooth the top over everything and pin.  I am now wondering how a glue stick would work!  I am going to try it on a sample and see.  I will let you know.
Have a wonderful weekend.

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