Thursday, April 22, 2010

Catching Up

The wedding quilts are going together much quicker than I thought they would so I think I am getting caught up on my schedule.  I have two non-quilting related events to finish up and, once they are out of the way, I can relax a bit. 
The news report says our annual blackfly plague is supposed to start early-this weekend-so I need to get outside this afternoon and finish the windows and some yard work.  This morning-quilting.
My husband has been working on getting the mud room finished.  He built it last year but it still needed the siding and some prettying up.  He has covered it in pine boards which will be painted the same colour as the house.  We would both prefer wood stain but our place is small so would look better if everything blended.
Yesterday, I dyed some fabric to try and get it closer to the colour I wanted.  I had bought some green thinking it was close to the shade I needed but, when I got it home, I found it was too bright.  So, I put it in some black dye.  It was the only colour I had and, if worse came to worse, I could always use some more black fabric.  I also tossed in some bits of white fabric as I needed grey for my paper pieced birds.  It does appear that I might have acheived the result I wanted.
I used to do a lot of fabric dyeing in my washing machine but, with a front loader, that isn't possible.  I did this lot on the stove in a big pot which seems to have worked.

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