Tuesday, April 13, 2010

UFO's and WIF's

Have you ever noticed how many occupations and groups have their own language.  This is particularly true of the military which has a whole language consisting of accronyms.
Quilter's also have many of their own terms-QAYG (quilt as you go), S & W (stack and whack), frog stitch (undoing what you just sewn-rip it, rip it), stash (fabric), UFO's and WIF,s ( unfinish projects)
Like many quilters, I major in UFO's. I have a stack of quilt tops that need to be put together and,  have always felt slightly guilty about starting another quilt when there were so many not completed.  This month, however, I have been glad of that pile.  I have had a number of rush orders for quilts and each time have been able to find something suitable and get it quilted.
I only have one more single and a few wall hangings left so, once I get all the orders completed, I can feel guilt free about making  more tops.
Isn't it wonderful how things work out!

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