Thursday, April 15, 2010

Summer Tires

We are taking my car in today to have the winter tires removed and replaced with summer.  I am hoping we aren't too early but we are going to Orillia on Saturday and you get better gas mileage with the lighter tire.  We may get the winter weather that is in Alberta right now but that it may have turned to rain rather than snow by the time it arrives.  I have noticed in the past that there is about 2 weeks difference in the weather patterns.  Alberta gets it and 2 weeks later it arrives on Ontario.
A reader sent some good advice about evergreen needles.  She uses them as mulch on her raspberries etc as they last much longer.  Now I will have to look under our spruce trees and start gathering.
I am going to be taking in a quilt show while in Orillia and am hoping to see some of the ladies who belong to an on line group and live in the area.  It is funny how you can converse with someone, perhaps for years, without having met them 'in the flesh'.  I will be taking photos and will share with you next week.
I forgot to give you the link to my sister's blog.  If you are interested in reading about life in the English countryside, this is the address:

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