Thursday, April 8, 2010

Beavers and Birthdays

Roger came in from a walk to the pond last night with some good news.  It appears as though we may have a beaver take up residence.  We have been concerned over the hole that had developed in the dam which resulted in a lot of water leaking from the small pond.  The level on the bigger one has also dropped revealing a lot of ugly stumps.  Apparently, someone had trapped the beaver in the past as they had been eating the trees.  Well, duh, that is what beavers do.  We had thought about importing a pair but were advised that some would probably move back.  We hope that this is now the case and it wasn't just a hobo beaver passing through.
The trick is to now leave it (her/him) in peace so it feels comfortable.  Oftentimes, we humans get so excited over wildlife that we act like papparotzi (spelling?) seeing a young starlet.  Of course, the animal, being more sensible than people, scoots for quieter home.
So, if you are reading this and you live near us-pretend that our beaver is a vicious meat eater and loves, if disturbed, to attack when humans are sleeping. 
Today is my birthday.  My husband surprised me with a lovely painting of our dog sitting in the front of a canoe.  It looks just like her.  It doesn't reproduce well as a photo well but this gives you an idea. He is taking me out for supper this evening so I feel thoroughtly spoiled.

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