Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Do You EQ?

I believe I have mentioned in past blogs that I use computer software programs to help in my designing of quilt patterns, colour choices and layouts.  My favourite of the two programs  I have is EQ6.  It is wonderful for manipulating shapes, deciding on the best colours and  type of sashing and border.  My favourite feature is that it it tells me how much fabric I need.  Math is a necessary part of quilting but if I can avoid it, I will. I would sooner spend my time quilting than trying to figure out how much fabric I need to buy for 78 triangles that are 3 1/2" on the long side.

Another example of why I like this program:  when I was hired to do a wedding quilt, a lady showed me a quilt block and said she would like me to use it.  I was able to reproduce it on EQ, put it in the appropriate sized layout and, using her colour choices, printed a few options.  She chose one, I bought the fabric and am now making the quilt.

This is a quilt design I did just for the pleasure of seeing the colours.

I am mentioning all this because EQ is in the processing of releasing a new version of EQ and you may have a chance to win it.  Stay tuned for further information.

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