Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Special Day

Good morning and happy Tuesday.  I was looking at my day calendar yesterday and noticed how many 'special' days there were.  Even my wall calendar which is produced by the National Wildelife Fed. notes Jack Miner's birth, International Migratory Bird Day as well as many other nature related events.
It got me thinking about how we seem to need an excuse to celebrate when, in reality, every day is special.  Each morning when we awake, we can celebrate the fact that we are still alive, gravity is still working, our earth is still on its appointed orbit and our air is still breathable.
It is nice to have a special day for acknowledge our mother and father but, if you no longer have yours, you know that each day that you shared this life was a blessing.
Easter is just passed and, for Christians, it is a time when we acknowledge Christ's death and resurrection but, again, it is something we should remember every day.
We are often told to 'take time to smell the roses' and 'count your blessings'.  These sayings get repeated so often that we really don't hear them anymore.  However, if you do take a few moments each day to appreciate its specialness it will make a difference.  Even if life then pushes you back to rush and bustle, those few minutes will stay with you.
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