Wednesday, December 9, 2009


We are snowed in.  Much of Ontario is under storm warnings and schools are closed.  My husband got back home safely this morning but some of the area roads weren't plowed and he only made it half way up our drive.  As he had done some shopping, our toboggan was put to good use.
I rebooked Heidi's vet appointment as it was in another community.  I don't really mind driving in the bad weather but feel that there is no need to add another vehicle to the road.
I was a professional driver for about 35 years so have been out in some pretty horrendous conditions.  One time I was returning from an evening meeting and the fog was so dense, I, literally, didn't know where I was on the road.  Another time, I had driven a bus to another city and a storm hit as I was returning.  Snow mixed with freezing rain was so bad that the police were shutting the roads down.  I was in line with a number of transport trucks and we were all just creeping along.  Every so often a car would go zipping past us and then we would see them in the ditch a little further along.

I did get my Christmas project started yesterday and then discovered I needed more fabric.  I am also working on some presents-small quilt, a teddy bear and a child's top.  My husband is snoozing on the couch.  The dog is snoozing on my husband and I am sewing.  Bliss.

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