Tuesday, December 1, 2009


We have snow!  It started yesterday evening and then stopped but when we woke this morning there was a wonderland outside out window.  As I write this, my husband is running the quad up and down the road to start packing it down.  There needs to be a base so when the plowing starts, the road isn't damanged.  Everything is probably going to melt with the predicted warmer temperatures but he is enjoying himself so it doesn't matter.
As soon as I have finished my tea and this blog, I will take the dog for a walk.  I should put her in her coat as the snow sticks like little cotton balls to her hair and, as she isn't very big, her underside needs protection.
I was at a ladies meeting last night and when the speaker mentioned the weather and asked, as a joke, if anyone liked winter, my hand shot up.  I know I am in a minority but I love this time of year.  All the trees are coated in white today.  Occasionally, you can see a mini avalanche of snow freeing itself from one of the evergreens.  We are surrounded by a wonderful sense of peace.
Did you know that snow makes a sound as it falls?  If you live in a very quiet area, you can hear the flakes as they whisper through the sky.  The sound is intesified if you are surrounded, as we are, by trees.
The snow, of course, helps kick in the Christmas spirit so I must go to the village and send off some cards today but I will enjoy my wonderland for a while first.
Tomorrow, I will have a quick quilt pattern for you.  It makes a great last minute gift idea.

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