Friday, December 4, 2009


It is really snowing today-large, fluffy flakes that are quickly covering the ground, trees and, everytime she goes out, the dog.  The stuff we got on Monday didn't stay but it looks as though this will.
I have to go out a couple of times today and then tomorrow is the parade so the snow will add to the Christmas atmosphere.  I am sure ski slope operators are glad to see the snow arrive as this has  been a long fall for them.  People often are more likely to start buying gifts when it looks more like winter so the snow is beneficial to a lot of people.

This photo was taken last year from my studio window.  Magnificient fellow, isn't he?We haven't seen the deer yet this winter but I am sure they will soon be arriving.  Another positive snow result:
it will  be quieter now here in the backwoods with the snow absorbing the sound.  It is surprising just how noisy it can be around here (not city noisy but not as still as I would like) so I really look forward to the peace and quiet of winter.

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  1. I love winter and the peace it brings. I live in a large city but close enough to a conservational park. We see deer often in our yard!!Love the picture and sure makes me wish for snow!!