Monday, December 21, 2009

In the Home Stretch

Today I am, like you, working on the last bits and peieces to be done before Christmas.  Only have a couple of gifts to finish, baking is done, some wrapping to do, housework is done and my husband is out getting a few more needed items.
It was a busy and eventful day yesterday.  We had our special pre-Christmas service at church where we sing, read scriptures, eat and exchange fun gifts.  It was a happy and blessed start to the day.  After lunch, my husband, dog and I went outside to enjoy the lovely winter day.  He was on the snow shoes and I decided to get on the X country skiis ( I call what I do, cross country screeching) since I hadn't used them for a while.  With Roger breaking the trail, Heidi following and me floundering behind, we made our way through our bush and over to the neighbours.  The snow was deep but fluffy so we were enjoying ourselves watching the antics of the dog as she bounced around trying her best to be everywhere at once within the limits of her leash.
Our neighbour heard our approach and came out in time to watch my spectaular crash. I lost  my balance going over a knoll and cracked my head on the ground.  I lay there, stunned, the dog pawing at my head, my nieghbour yelling her concern and my husbands voice all swirling around me.  I got up with a little help and we continued on.  I have a whip lash injury and the fall has exacerbated it but, other than that, I am okay this morning.  We have decided however that I had better stick to snowshoes and start wearing a helmet.
Later on in the evening our neighbours came over with a friend of theirs and we enjoyed a nice time together.
Today, I am getting the laundry done and working on those last minute gift making tasks.  It is, once again, a beautiful day.  I took some photos of the sun shining through the snow laden trees first thing this morning.
There are a lot of winter storms happening throughout North America and into Europe.  If you have to travel, please do so carefully.  Whatever your day brings, take time to pause, appreciate what you have and give thanks to the One who gave it.

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