Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Torch

Have you been following the olympic torch relay?  We are quite excited about it and especially so as it gets closer to our area.  The outpouring of Canadian spirit is both astounding and enheartening.  It is so rare that we Canuks demonstrate our feelings about our country.
As I write this, my husband is on the lap top following the torch through Orillia.  We both lived there for a number of years and go back a few times a month to see his family.  We are watching to see if we know any of the torch bearers.  I am particularly watching for one very deserving person.  Walter Henry is one of amateur boxings best known fighters.  He has won a room full of awards, set records (some of which have yet to be beaten), been to the Olympics twice and all without a trainer.  He, of course, lives in Orillia and I have been proud to call him friend for many years.
We are heading north to Sundridge this afternoon to watch the torch make its way through that community.  We will be wearing our red gloves and taking pictures.  I will post some tomorrow.  Go Canada.

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