Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Silly Me-Twice

How much is that Heidi in the window?  Priceless.  This is her favourite place; sitting and watching the deer.
Well, I am not sure where my head was yesterday but, apparently, not on my shoulders.  I really thought it was Wednesday.  My husband and I had to check the internet to be sure it was Tues.  I should have realized it was as I don't watch television on Tues, as I mentioned and I had looked at it the night before.
Second oops was when I went to do the DVD and realized I had deleted my brother's instructions.  He has resent them and,as I now have an extra day (sigh) I still have time to put that together. 

Today which really is Wednesday, is making bread and wrapping gift day. Not sure if all this is because I am getting older or just because there really isn't a reason for keeping track of the days. 
Tomorrow, (Thursday!) I will post some photos of my Christmas projects.
My mother is very much on my mind as I get ready for the celebration.  It will be our second Christmas without her and it is still difficult.  If you are missing a loved one, my thoughts and prayers are with you.  It is harder to feel sadness in the midst of gaity.

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