Thursday, December 3, 2009

Finished-More or Less

For the past few weeks, I have been making clothes for our entry in the Christmas parade.  Our church is portraying the nativity so I needed to outfit angels, shephards, the wisemen, and some sheep as well as Mary and Joseph.  We invited the children from another church's youth group to join us and it has been fun watching their enthusiasm.  Yesterday evening, I took their costumes over for a try on and they were all twirling around and showing off.  Even the older boys didn't mind putting on a 'dress' when they were told they would also get to carry a staff or wear a crown.
It has been a lot of work and I am not completely finished but watching the children has made the work worthwhile.  (It has also helped with the devestation I feel over the death of our friend).  I hope that our parade entry will remind people of the true meaning of Christmas.  Even for believers, the rush of the holidays sometimes can push out the One we are honouring.
I hope that you will take time this Christmas season to attend a church service.  I know this can be a scary prospect if it has been a while since you've been in a church  but, if you make the effort, you will be blessed.  Check your local paper for a candlelight service.  It is a wonderful experience to sing Silent Night by the light of a tiny candle.


  1. Very nice post about Christmas. We get so busy that we lose sight of why we're even celebrating Christmas! Just listening to yesterday's radio broadcast via the internet from Haven Today. A great program to listen to everyday with my crocheting listening to the message and the songs they oasis in the busyness of life. Here's the link in case you've never heard of it:

    the one I was listening to is "God sent a big Saviour".

    Have a wonderful day today!
    Jacqui in SW Ont