Monday, December 14, 2009

Last Minute Patterns

Here is a simple Christmas decoration and an easier way to make gift bags.

Tree or parcel decoration.

Materials Needed
heart or other shape
small amounts of shiny finish fabric i.e. lining, silk, polyester
small amounts of lace (approx. 3 or 4" square)
or purchased lace or battenburg medallions
small amounts of stuffing

Trace 2 heart shapes onto fabric. Cut out.  Place lace over right side of one heart and pin in place. If using a medallion, stitch to right side of one heart shape.  Place other heart on top, right sides together.Sew around outside leaving an inch on one side for turning.  Clip around stitched area being careful not to cut stitches.  Turn right side out.  Stuff lightly.  Sew opening closed.
Attach a piece of ribbon for hanging.
Sequins and pearls can be added, if desired

Other shapes can be used.  I have done these in dove and square shapes.  Look through applique patterns for suitable templates.

Gift Bag

I make these from Christmas as well as other fabric for year round gift giving.


Fabric, twice the size of completed bag size.
Ribbon, twice the length of the bag width.

Sew bottom and one side of bag.  Fold ribbon in half and pin to unsewn side 3-4 inches from top (fold placed on raw edge.)  Sew remaining side ensuring that the ribbon is attached to the seam.  Turn top edge down half an inch and then again one inch. Press and sew.  Turn right side out. 
Addressee label can be added by punching a hole in label and threading ribbon through it.

I like these bags because it is easier to include the recepient's name and the drawstring types always remind me of something you carry your shoes in.


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