Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Winter Wonderland

The storm has abatted in our little wooded area of the world.  Our phone is out, the internet was off for a few minutes but the hydro stayed with us.  Some of the areas to the the south of us lost their power but ours stayed faithful.  I have gotten used to the idea that every time the weather changes the power lines collapse so it is something of a miracle when they don't.
My husbands finally got his truck unstuck and now we are waiting to get plowed out. 
I have been baking all morning.  I have done my usuall batch of whole wheat bread and, in between risings, I made some mini christmas loaves.  I also have a ham in the oven for tonights supper so the house is quite warm.
Even with the cold, we still have our doors open as the wood stove puts out so much heat.  We are hoping to put on an addition (is that a redundancy) next year and that should spread the warm around a bit.
I was able to get a lot of sewing done yesterday.  I am making a mini quilt for a great nephew and I am really pleased with how it turned out.  I made it from a panel that I have had for years,( see everything gets used sooner or later) added a border and backed it with fleece.  I will post a picture.  Also started a dresser runner for my sister in law.  The pattern is one that I have done a number of times before but it is a little tricky so I have to really concentrate.  I don't know who invented the seam ripper but they deserve a prize of some sort.  The Happy Sitcher Award?!
I have been looking at a couple of co-ordinating fabrics that I have and want to use them in something as they are so lovely.  Haven't been able to find a suitable pattern.  I was looking through some olf books last night when I had a revelation.  I can design my own.  I am a designer aren't I?  Will let you know how that turns out.
If you were out yesterday, I hope you all got to your destinations safely.  By the way, you do have an emergency kit in your vehicle, don't you?

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