Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve Day

Here is a couple of photos of some of the things I have been working on this Christmas season.  The first picture is of a dresser runner for my sister-in law, vest for great nephew and dog for a great neice who is a toddler.
The quilt top-unironed or dethreaded is 60 x 60.  The light squares are actually a shiny gold.  I don't have a Christmas quit so I thought that this year I would do one.
We will be opening our gifts this evening as we will, like many of you, be on the road in the morning.  My wish for you all is a peaceful Christmas, safe travelling and the comfort of knowing that you are loved.
      Merry Christmas to you all.  The next posting won't be until Monday.
Blessings from my house to yours.

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