Monday, December 28, 2009

The Ghost of Christmas Past

I hope you all had a great Christmas.  The day itself was rather hectic for us.  We drove to Orillia about an hour and a half south of us where we spent some time with my father in law.  Then it was on to the farm where the rest of the family was gathering.  By meal time,  the noise level was pretty high with the excitement of children and adults trying to carry on a conversation. We had to take our little dog as there wasn't anywhere to leave her and she usually goes crazy when around people but this time she just lay on my lap and watched everyone.  It must have been hard on her as she slept all the way back home and didn't move much the next day.  We left for home right after eating as freezing rain was predicted.  We didn't have any problems and arrived home safe and sound.
We have started opening our gifts on Christmas eve since moving nearer family.  It makes things a bit less rushed the next day.  I received, among other things, my requested yellow sweater.  Heidi gave us the red Olympic gloves which we will wear on Wednesday when the torch goes through our area. I also got a quilt calendar (pattern a day), a gift certificate to a fabric store and some of my favourite sour candies.
After opening our gifts, we put together some snacks and watched Scrooge-the black and white version with alister Sims.  I have seen it so many times now that I almost know the dialogue by heart but I still enjoy it and I still cry when the Cratchit's talk about Tim.
It is still snowing and the driveway will probably have to be cleaned again but for now we can stay in, enjoy the wood stove and scenery and relax.

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