Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Still More Snow

It is a good thing I like winter as we seem to be getting a goodly amount this year.  It snowed again yesterday and we added another few more inches to the bush.  It really is lovely.  I will take some photos and post them so you can enjoy the scenery with me.
Last night, Roger and I went to our next door neighbours for a little gathering.  They had invited 3 other couples over for some food and fellowship and we all had such a good time laughing and talking.  Throughout the evening, we watched the snow falling. 
When it was time to go, my husband led the way through their property and onto ours.  He was carrying the flashlight and I trudged behind trying to stay in his footsteps.  The snow was light but deep and, as we walked, I thought  of how still everything was and what a Christmasy picture we must have made with our little light leading the way through the night. We only needed the sounds of wolves in the distance (the far distance!) to earn the caption 'Christmas in the Country'.
I received an e mail from a friend in Alberta and she said that the temperature there was minus 52 celcius with the wind chill!!
I have some baking to do today and need to get at washing the nativity costumes.  They have been in the trunk of my car since the parade.  I put up all my nativity sets yesterday which takes up a bit of time as I have around 20.  So, the house is looking like Christmas.

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