Monday, December 7, 2009

The Christmas Parade

Just a quickie this morning as I am off to quilting.  It has been a snowy weekend with areas to the south of us being warned to stay off the roads.  It was better here although we did add another inch or so of the fluffy stuff.

Our entry in the Christmas parade on Friday got 3rd prize.  We were beat out by Tim Horton's and the local grocery store so I think we did pretty good for the first year.  The weather was a bit chilly but not too bad so that those on the float didn't freeze and the ones walking didn't overheat.  It was our biggest parade to date this year with about 25 entrants.  Not large in comparison to Toronto or other big communities but respectable for a village.
  The handsome man dressed as Joseph sitting near the cross is my husband. The walking angel is our pastor's wife.  An enthusiastic lady who is always ready to join in or lead.
I smiled as I looked at the photos of the angels in toques and mittens.  You can tell we are in Canada.  It might be cold but we don't stop having fun.
Hope you have a wonderful week.

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  1. Hi Anna: Just got my Quilter's Connection magazine in the mail this afternoon and read your article in it! What a fun article. Checked out the blog link in the article and sure enjoyed reading through some of your blog! I will be bookmarking it to read regularly. keep up the great writing!

    Greetings from SW Ontario where we got our first dusting of snow today.
    Jacqui (just south of London, ON)
    P.S. My son worked at MBC just south of Huntsville for a few years and the most magic time was picking him up for Christmas one year...just loved the snowy north and he did too!