Thursday, October 1, 2009

Around the Next Corner

This is one of those 'get things done because winter is on its way' days. Roger is outside putting together a home for the tractor. It is a diesel so has to be kept warm so it will start and be ready to clear out our very long driveway. After I get the laundry out, (first day this week without rain) I have spring bulbs to plant. There are numerous other odds and ends to be done.
The cooler weather has been a bit of a surprise although it shouldn't have been. It is, after all, October and Canada and the north. However, the weather people said we would have a long fall so I assumed that meant warm. We have had our wood stove on all day now, the trees have about 60% of their colour so I guess winter is around the corner. I am not sure how far it is to the corner but it is somewhere on the horizon. I am looking forward to seeing and hearing the geese as they travel over our home. Is there any sound more Canadian?
Shortly after that, we should start seeing the deer as they move from summer area to winter. Our resident partridge will probably stay around. He is safe here but better stop teasing our dog. Roger made an interesting observation yesterday. He noted that the partridge was rooting around at the base of one of the fruit trees-the pear. So I guess that means we have a partridge in a pear tree. Does that mean Christmas is closer than I thought as well?

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