Wednesday, September 30, 2009


On Monday, I was out in the evening and as I went by a friends house, I saw something that reminded me of an event that happened just over a year ago. We live in a 80 X 16 mobile and you can imagine what it was like to get that delivered around our country roads. The driver had quite a few problems but did manage to get it to our laneway but that was as far as he could go. We thought we had made it wide enough but no amount of backing up, wiggling around or repositioning would get that monstrosity onto the lane. So, the driver left it on the side of the road. Now, of course, the road isn't that wide and I had visions of someone coming home, running into it and being injured. We called the family that had been doing all our work and over they came. The men walked back and forth looking at the mobile. Margaret and I sat in their truck and fussed. It was finally decided that if we put markers on the road we might be alright. This was done. I know none of us slept well that night and the next morning the men arrived early to start work. It took them 8 hours to widen the road and get the mobile up the lane and on the supports. So much work and worry but, after living in a converted bus for over four months, we had our home. It would be nearly 2 more months before we had all our services but that is another story.
What reminded me of this event? When I drove by Margarets on Monday, I saw her solar hummingbirds flashing near the driveway. She had brought them over and (in addition to emergency lights on the road) we put one on either end of the mobile! I can only imagine what anyone passing by through the night must have thought.

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