Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Morning After

Yesterday was a busy day. I started the blog but didn't get it finished and now I think I have changed my mind, for the moment anyway, about my topic. I have probably said some of this before but as it is a different day so perhaps it will also sound a bit different.
The quilt group I belong to here in Burk's Falls meets twice a month and yesterday was one of the days. I am not sure of the reason but it just seemed to be one of those extra nice sessions. It might have been because a couple of the ladies treated us to home baking-lucious cinamon buns and a wonderful, moist zucchini bread. It may have been because another woman brought a ton of unneeded fabric from a non group person. It may simply have been because we were quilting but it was probably a combination of all those things.
I mentioned to one of the members that, although there are women who don't get together with others, quilting really is a group activity. The sharing of projects, shopping experiences, how a grandchild loved her special blankie, working through a problem are all the fun of being together. Apart from quilting, the women in any group are usually quite diverse in their education, political leanings and background but all those things are set aside in the mutual enjoyment of
making quilts.
I love my quilt room and the time I get to spend in it listening to music and sewing but I look forward to when I can be with my group. If you are a quilter, I hope you also have someone with whom to share your interest.
And now I have a hundred and twenty four strips to cut for a quilt that the group is going to make.

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  1. I wish I had a quilting group.

    Living where I do, in the middle of very rural France, there's just me .

    It sounds as though your group is just terrific.