Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Land of Oz

Do you remember Dorothy's line in Wizard of Oz when she said 'we're not in Kansas anymore, Toto'? It is a favourite quote for my husband and I since we moved to the country. I think of it whenever I get another reminder that I haven't yet shook off city thoughts and habits. It happened again this past weekend.
On our trip to Haliburton, we had to stop and ask directions to the street we needed. We saw a group of people standing near a firehall and with them were a number of dogs. I assumed that it was a show of some sort and, after getting the directions, I asked if that was what was happening. The man looked at me oddly and replied that it was a rabies clinic. When I told this story to my rural friends, they all immediately knew what the dog owners were doing.
With the arrival of fall, comes another reminder. My husband is an avid hunter. When we lived in the city, very few of the people we knew shared his passion. However, in this area, most of the men hunt. Those that don't still have to adjust to the season. Last year when I was getting my satallite internet put in, everything was put on hold for a couple of weeks while the technician went hunting.
I suppose the time will come when none of this will be a novelty but I hope I never get so acclimatized that I don't notice the beauty of my surroundings. Dorothy was anxious to return to her home in Kansas but I am happy in Oz.

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