Monday, October 19, 2009

Weather, Quilting and a Mystery

I hope everyone had a nice weekend. We have had a few good weather days which is especially welcome when it has been cool and damp. My husband and I went to Haliburton to visit a couple who have been my friends for over 35 years. It is a 2 hour drive but the scenery is lovely and, as I mentioned, the weather good so it was an enjoyable trip.
Today was the regular meeting of our quilt group. Most of the women are working on a scrappy bargello and, although everyone is an experienced quilter, there was a lot of table grouping as we all tried to help each other. There was also a lot of half audible mutterings as well as laughter as we worked on our projects. By the end of the day, everyone could see how their quilt was going to turn out. I really enjoy getting together with these women. Everyone shares what they know, their supplies if someone forgets something and a bit of their lives. Each session is different. Sometimes it seems as though we do more visiting than sewing and other times all you can hear is the hum of sewing machines. It is interesting to think of how many women have met like this through the years.
Have you started the mystery quilt yet? I have heard from some of you and I am pleased to know that you are getting along without any problems. I am doing it as well so, hopefully, if there are any mistakes, I will correct them before writing up the next step. Of course, I wasn't paying attention to my own pattern and cut a bunch of squares wrong!
Have a happy.

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