Wednesday, October 21, 2009

An Unsettling Day

I have been more alert to news announcements today. A gunman has entered one of the government buildings in downtown Edmonton and, to date, I am not sure if anyone has been taken hostage, although there are some people who have locked themselves in a room. I have a number of friends who work in that area and I am anxiously waiting to make sure that none of them are involved in anyway.
As I wait for news, I have been thinking of how much access we have to situations that are occuring all over the world. We have front row seats to both tragedies and triumphs. When the planes crashed into the World Trade Center, we watched. When people are bombed, we watch. Children stuck in wells, bears in a tree, protestors, and hostage takings are viewed by millions just as though they were another television show. It must be dreadful for those who are immediately affected by whatever is happening to know that their grief is just another news broadcast.
I am glad we are living at a time when we are more aware of what is happening in the world around us. I also try to remember that the people involved are just that-people. They are human beings who are loved by someone. This helps me to stay sensitive and to pray for those in trouble.

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