Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tomorrow's Pattern

I have had a wonderful response to the Mystery Quilt. I am pleased so many of you like my idea and if all goes well, I will certainly do more. If you have friends who you think may be interested in doing the quilt, by all means, let them know. I am glad of a chance to give back to the quilting community as I have been the recepient of so many 'freebies'.
Met a dear friend for lunch today in our closest city. Bought some fabric, of course. I am planning on doing the mystery along with you as it is going to be a gift and this new material will suit it nicely.
A short posting today as we are out this evening. All those who won prizes at our local fall fair will get their awards this evening. My husband and I are going and I am looking forward to seeing how it is all done. Big night in Burk's Falls!!!
I am planning on having the first step of the Mystery Quilt posted in the morning so good luck to everyone.

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