Monday, October 26, 2009

Home Sweet Heidi

I have mentioned our little westiepoo, Heidi previously but, at risk of boring you, I must tell you what she recently did. Shortly after bringing her home, we bought a wire crate to put her in when we were away. If we didn't do that, she would have chewed up everything in the house. As she got older, she seemed to grow out of that stage and, as the crate takes up a bit of room, we decided to let her roam free.
We still did a quick check around before going out and she really has been doing better. Until Sunday. We went off as usual to the service after making sure she had been out and any needles or other sharp objects were putting away. When we came home, my husband mentioned that there was some thread on the carpet. That isn't an uncommon occurance. When you quilt, the house tends to be decorated with thread. However, I took a closer look and saw a little nest of strands and right near it was the remains of a thread spool.
Heidi had completly demolished the plastic. We are still finding thread nests so I am hoping that she didn't ingest any. So, we have once more set up the crate. Fortunately she likes it so that isn't a problem. And, equally fortunately, she didn't demolish my shoes this time but, my stars, that dog loves to chew.

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