Tuesday, October 13, 2009

How Much is Enough

Two vastly conflicting stories have got me thinking-again-about the worlds inequalities. My husband and I recently watch a show about a family in dire straights. They had eleven children, six of whom had been taken from an unfit mother, and lived in a home that was not only very small but very rundown. Despite the circumstances, the family members obviously loved each other and were doing the best they could.
Contrast this with the recent Russian moon flight with a multimillionaire paying 34 million dollars to go along as a tourist. Yes, it was his money and yes, he used the publicity to promote the need of preserving world water supplies but the whole thing left me wondering where our priorities had gone. It is possible that this individual spends a great deal of money on charitable projects but all those in need would see is a vast waste of money.
Having said all that, I think many people could put at least some of their resources to better use.
How many pairs of shoes do we really need? How many handbags, items of clothing etc are necessary? Of course, I am not going to mention the pile of fabric I have and how often I add to it (including today).
I don't think we need to give up all our pleasures but we should be aware of opportunities to share our bounty with those in need. And, most of all, to continue in the mood of the weekend just past, we need to be thankful for what we have.

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