Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Blog

When I started writing this blog, I had two goals in mind. One was to talk about the things that interested, irritated or impressed me and the other was to provide a place where I could share my love of quilting. As I am a writer, the blog also gives me a chance to work on that craft however, quilting is my main focus. If you have been with me from the beginning (or have read through past posts), you will be aware that I have occassionally offered to share a pattern. I would now like to go a step further and teach a mystery quilt. For those of you who are not quilters, a mystery quilt is a pattern that is revealed in steps. Participants don't know what the project will look like until the last step is posted. (Of course, you can cheat, wait until all the instructions are posted and then see if it is something you would like to do but you wouldn't do that, would you?)
This will be a simple project for two reasons; first of all because this is the first time I have done this and I don't want to go beyond my capabilities and, secondly, I would like it to be something a non-quilter could do.
So, if you always wanted to make a quilt here is your chance to start. Your finished product will make a great Christmas gift. This Friday, you will be told how much fabric you will need and how to cut it. You will have a week to get this and each following step finished as they will be posted each Friday.
You will also be able to contact me for additional help if you need it. If you have never quilted and would like to start now, get in touch with me at: and I will let you know what notions (ruler, rotary cutter etc) you will need. Don't worry if you can't keep up with everyone. You can print off the pattern steps or just check the back posts.
Let us all have some fun together.


  1. Anna - I am really looking forward to doing your mystery quilt. Thanks for sharing with us!

    Lori S.