Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Winds They Do Blow

Its a blustery day in our neighbourhood! We have gust up to 80 kph which can take you by surprise if you aren't prepared. When I lived in Edmonton, we would occassionally get 100 kph winds. You certainly batten down the hatches when that happens and hope you aren't on the highway driving anything large-or very small either for that matter. I have had my motorcycle come to a stop in a head wind and seen transports blown sideways. A good day to be inside but I have to go to the village later for some Thanksgiving day preperations food.
We are keeping a close eye on the weather as we are hoping to serve the meal outside or, at least be able to take everyone for a walk along the trail. It is quite a hike so it will help counteract all those extra calories.
I already have the turkey cooking as it is huge. It is still partially frozen so will probably take a while. I have also started getting the house ready so when the day comes I won't have so much to do.
I have, as always, much to be thankful for. This year I am especially pleased to be able to celebrate with members of my family. My son, brother and their wives will be here along with most of Roger's family. It is hard for my son to get to family events as he is a trucker as well as living nearly a 6 hours drive away. He and Nora will be staying over and going to church with us on Sunday which will be another blessing.
As you are getting ready for the weekend, take a few moments each day to remember why and what we are celebrating. This is, of course, a North American holiday (our American neighbours celebrate next month) set aside by our pilgrim ancestors to celebrate their arrival in their new home. Here they found religious freedom and opportunity to live as they chose. Unlike many other counties, we are still able to claim those blessings.

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