Friday, July 31, 2015

Valuable Art Work

We have the quilt room completely finished once again.  Today, we got the odds and ends done that were waiting for a cooler day to finish.  We had to replace a number of the ceiling tiles because of the winter leak and that meant removing the damaged ones and the decorative boards that were holding them in place.  Of course, nothing fits quite the same when you start putting them back so some adjustments had to be made.
I also did some rearranging of things on the walls as I wanted to hang a painting where I was able to see it when I am working.  I got it from a friend who is an artist and I love looking at it.  It shows an old, log cabin that was obviously abandoned many years ago and just left to fall over.  The artist used pen and ink which seems to emphasis the subject.
I have a lot of paintings as both my husband and his uncle are artists as well as a number of our friends.  Hubby's work , of course, takes precedence but we also have both an early and later work of his uncle, one from an Edmonton friend that we bought before we moved and another that has great sentimental value.  It was painted by the brother of an elderly man who was one of my passengers when I drove a transit bus.  We became friends and, when he died, his family very generously asked if there was something of his that I would like as a remembrance.  I chose the painting.
Art work, like quilts, contain the essence of the creator and I value each of mine.  They don't have to be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to be worth that much and more to me.

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