Thursday, July 2, 2015

Still a Week Day

I hope everyone had a nice celebration yesterday.  As I mentioned, we got together with family and watched the children swim and then ride their dirt bikes.  They have a little dog about the same size as our Heidi and the two got along very well even though they are the same gender and only 'children'.  They didn't like seeing the other dog sitting on their person's lap but didn't make a fuss about it.  They just tried to share which can get a bit heavy and crowded for the human in question.
I have my last commissioned crib quilt in the frame (other than one to be done for late August) and it is going quite well. 
Tomorrow, I need to get my cutting table cleaned up.  I have let thing accumulate while getting these last two projects done.
I almost forgot today was a weekday and thus blog post day with a mid week holiday.
We lost one of our new baby chicks yesterday.  We think that perhaps it wasn't eating.  It is hard to tell when you have 20 little ones.  Next time, if we aren't sure, we will hand feed.

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